Luxury brand debuts Crocs stilettos as the future of post-pandemic fashion

Courtesy, Balenciaga

(NewsNation Now) — Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga unveiled its vision of the next big thing in post-pandemic fashion: Crocs stilettos and knee-high boots.

The latest designs by Demna Gvasalia debuted on Sunday as part of Balenciaga’s spring 2022 collection, but there’s no word on how much they’ll cost yet.

“Balenciaga’s Spring 22 presentation considers our shifting senses of reality through the lens of technology. We see our world through a filter—perfected, polished, conformed, photoshopped,” Balenciaga said in a description of the collection.

Crocs pumps, boots and platformed pool slides are part of the second collaboration between the two brands. The last time Balenciaga and Crocs paired up they unveiled platform shoes which cost $850 and sold out almost instantly.

Courtesy: Balenciaga

Reaction has been mixed.

“Don’t want to live in a world where this stiletto Croc is real. It’s real,” Twitter user @JrMcGrail wrote.

Still, another user has more of an open mind. “I need to see someone wearing that croc stiletto,” she said.

“That croc stiletto look like a real life emoji,” @HOLYxKEYEL wrote.

Even Democratic Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi chimed in with, “If Orwell were writing it today, the line from O’Brien in 1984 would have been ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a Stiletto Croc stamping on a human face— forever.'”

Crocs has a history of creative collaborations in recent weeks, encompassing everything from pop stars like Justin Bieber and Diplo to brands like KFC.

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