Video shows angry passenger punching flight attendant

Strange News

(NewsNation) — Barrie Livingston witnessed something that has become all too common on flights in recent years: an unruly passenger becoming violent.

Livingston witnessed — and captured on video — a passenger, angry about not being allowed to use the first class bathroom on a flight, punching a flight attendant in the back of the head while having a meltdown about his lack of bathroom privileges.

After the man punched the attendant, Livingston said two men on the flight helped another flight attendant restrain the man in a seat using tape.

“The sad thing is that you’re not safe in the air, and the FAA is not doing anything about it, and I don’t know why the flight attendants unions … these poor flight attendants, it’s only a matter of time,” Livingston said on NewsNation’s “Rush Hour.”

Livingston’s full interview can be viewed in the video above.

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