Video: Woman throws soup at restaurant worker’s face

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWKT) – Police are investigating after a woman threw soup at a restaurant employee’s face, in an incident that was caught on camera.

According to investigators, a woman called Sol De Jalisco restaurant in Temple, Texas to complain about an order she had picked up. Police say the woman was upset that the soup she ordered was hot and that the plastic lid had melted.

She started cursing, and restaurant manager Janelle Browland said at that point, she hung up. The customer called back a second time, but was put on hold while Browland said she helped other customers. That’s when officers say she went inside the restaurant.

Browland said the woman continued cursing at her.

“So I put my phone away and I said, ‘Ma’am, I can still help you,'” Browland said. “Those were my exact words. I said, ‘Ma’am, I can still help you.’ I just ask you, you do not talk to me that way. She literally just grabbed the cup and just threw it right at me in that moment.”

Surveillance video shows the woman throwing the soup in Browland’s face. She said the soup was not as hot as it is when served, but it was still warm. It was an order of menudo, a spicy Mexican soup, so Browland said the spices burned her eyes and gave her two separate nose bleeds.

The woman has been banned from the restaurant and charges are being filed.

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