Zebras elude capture in Maryland for two months

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The search continues for a pair of zebras on the loose in Maryland after a third member of the group was killed by an illegal trap.

The animals have been eluding animal control and citizen safaris since escaping from a private compound just outside Washington, D.C., two months ago. 

Despite the seriousness surrounding the chase, the episode has inspired some tongue-in-cheek responses — even a parody Twitter account.

Count Theodore McKenzie is among the people who are now caught up in the saga. He’s a caretaker at a property near the zebra compound, and now he’s found himself taking care of two of the zebras still on the loose.

“We made sure we got them hay and grain, and we set up cameras so we can monitor them, feed them, keep them safe,” he said.

Still, nobody has been able to catch them.

The zebras’ owner, Jerry Holly, faces criminal charges, and it isn’t the first time. Holly was charged in Florida for possessing wildlife without a permit.

County prosecutors in Maryland say, “The zebras at large pose a safety threat to the community.”

They also allege Holly mistreated them along with 36 other zebras on the property. 

In a 2014 USDA inspection report, the agency cited him for shoddy containment. “The exterior wire mesh fencing that is enclosing the large outer pasture containing the camels, zebra and wildebeest is deteriorating and in disrepair,” the report said.

Meanwhile, the two equine escapees continue to roam free in a metro area of more than 6 million people. 

Living off the land – and the kindness of their growing number of fans. The only thing they’re missing is names. Some have suggested Razzle and Dazzle.

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