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The truth about the omicron variant, retailers stepping up security and the politics of vaccine mandates

(NewsNation Now) — The majority of respondents in this week’s NewsNation poll say the country is on the wrong track, but this isn’t new. What will it take for Americans to be happy? 

Rudabeh Shahbazi is live from Mayfield, Kentucky, with the latest after devastating tornado outbreak struck across multiple states.

Is keeping mask mandates around a good thing or a bad thing? The Hill’s Julia Manchester and Max Burns from the Daily Beast weigh in.

Are we making the omicron variant a bigger deal than what it is? Dr. Omar Hamada joins the program to explain what we know so far about this new variant.

The CEOs of American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines testified in front of Congress on Wednesday to explain why they are experiencing labor shortages even after getting more than $54 billion in federal stimulus during the pandemic. Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, joins the show to discuss this.

Mercy Chefs are working around the clock in Mayfield feeding residents and listening to their stories. CEO and founder of Mercy Chefs Gary LeBlanc joins the program to talk about how is team is doing.

NewsNation’s Nancy Loo, who has been covering smash-and-grab robberies across the country, joins “The Donlon Report” with a live report.

Charles Mizrahi, author of “Wall Street Profits for Main Street Investors,” talks about the challenges of opening a business during COVID-19.

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