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Husband and wife trucking duo work toward financial freedom

  • Angela and Scott Griffen have spent the past seven years trucking together
  • Their plan is to steer their way into financial freedom
  • Angela: "We want to retire young"

(NewsNation) — A husband and wife duo have spent the past seven years working and driving together across the country.

With more than 40 years of trucking experience between them, Angela and Scott Griffen have been taking turns behind the wheel, redefining what it means to have a long-distance relationship.

The husband and wife trucking team from Maryland, along with their dog Willow, live and work in their 18-wheeler, spending 120 hours on the road together and covering more than 5,000 miles a week.

It’s a lifestyle where time is money and money is time.

“Wheels aren’t turning, you ain’t earning. It’s true,” Angela Griffen said. “We have a lot of miles to cover, so we want to make sure we’re trying to live a home life while on the road.”

They’ve made their 13 years of marriage work through hard work and a shared dedication to trucking. Their plan is to steer their way into financial freedom by driving across America together.

“We want to retire young, so our money goes to the same bank account,” Angela Griffen said. “We drive more miles and all the money filters into one thing so we don’t have to do it forever. We can retire much younger.”

And the Griffens’ plan is working.

By using money-saving secrets on the road like homemade, rig-made meals, the couple is able to save money on basic essentials.

“She’s definitely the better cook,” Scott Griffen said.

Angela Griffen said that it costs anywhere from $300 to $500 a week for truckers to eat out at a restaurant every day while on the road.

“By the end of the month, that’s somebody’s mortgage payment. We’re out here to save money and make big money to pay off our house,” Angela Griffen said.

Scott Griffen said they run for five days a week, which costs them about $3,000 for fuel.

But being together all day, every day, it’s possible for the two to get on each other’s nerves. That’s when they said they pump the brakes and remember that patience is better than pride.

“Grace, forgiveness, patience … you’ve got to have a lot of patience,” Angela Griffen said.

“If it isn’t worth getting a divorce over, it isn’t worth arguing over,” Scott Griffen said.

That passion and commitment extends to their mission behind the wheel, moving the stuff Americans need every day.

“There are no sick days, no snow days, no rain days. If you have a job, go do it,” Angela Griffen said.

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