‘Love what I’m doing’: Couple shares journey team driving across America

Behind The Wheel: Truck Week

(NewsNation) — Leah Gorham turned in her nurse scrubs for the open road after being attacked on the job.

Gorham left the nursing profession after 15 years to become a licensed long-haul driver alongside her boyfriend, Roland Bereczki, and they now travel the country together.

As more women hit the road as truck drivers, many enter the industry with their husbands or boyfriends like Gorham to do what’s known as team driving, when two drivers drive the same truck and take shifts driving.

“In regards to team driving, I’ll drive during the day, and he should sleep during the day. Then when I’ve done my time, he takes over driving, and I go to sleep, and then we sort of trade off,” Gorham explained.

Gorham continued: “It’s really different having your boyfriend as your boss, but it’s worked out pretty well.” “Thankfully, we have a lot of mutual respect between each other. And we’re both extremely hard workers.”

The couple said they don’t have plans to stop team driving anytime soon, and it may even become a lifelong passion of theirs.

“To me, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s in my blood. My dad was a truck driver,” Bereczki said. “So for me, I don’t see myself doing anything else. I love what I’m doing. And I own my equipment. We work for a great company.”

Both Gorham and Bereczki said they’d like Americans to put their phones down and pay attention while driving.

“A lot of people are driving with the phones in their hands; safety is the number one rule,” Bereczki said.

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