TSA changes carry-on limits to increase hand sanitizer use


WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — The TSA changed its carry-on limits to increase hand sanitizer use. Travelers are now able to carry a 12-oz sized bottle of hand sanitizer in their carry-on or purse instead of the standard 3.4 oz requirement.

“Because of the pandemic, TSA has temporarily lifted that restriction, and passengers are allowed to travel with up to one 12 oz container of hand sanitizer,” said TSA spokesperson, Lisa Farbstein.

In addition to this temporary change, TSA is also allowing passengers to travel with an expired driver’s license since they understand some are not able to visit their local DMV to renew their license.

“If your driver’s license is expired, and has been expired within a year, then TSA will still accept that license, as long as you have additional forms of I.D. along with that license,” stated Farbstein.

TSA also recommends you consolidate your belongings into your bags, to avoid using bins.

“If you’ve got your cell phone with you, if you’ve got your keys in your pockets, then what we recommend is that you put them right into your carry-on bag and not into the bin so that reduces touchpoints, and of course, that’s the name of the game during the pandemic,” expressed Farbstein.

For more tips, visit TSA’s website.

NewsNation affiliate WDVM contributed to this report.

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