Twerking, Twinkies and cigarettes: Reddit users reveal the ‘guilty pleasures’ they hide from their spouses


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(NEXSTAR) – Married people never keep secrets from each other. Except when they totally do.

Couples in committed relationships are well aware that privacy is hard to come by, especially when they’re cohabitating. Virtually nothing is a secret — and that includes ATM numbers, phone passcodes, and even the TV shows they’ve been streaming while the other is asleep.

It’s no wonder, then, that lots of people in otherwise fulfilling relationships seek a little bit of privacy for a personal hobby or guilty pleasure, if only for a few moments each week.

How do we know this? Well, thousands of these people have recently spilled their secrets in a Reddit thread that posed the following question: “What’s a guilty pleasure you hide from your significant other?”

Perhaps not surprisingly, some of the most popular responses concerned food. Several commenters claimed their partners don’t enjoy the same types of treats, or can’t eat them due to allergies or intolerances.

“My husband has gluten sensitivity,” one user explained. “If he eats regular pizza, his stomach hurts for a couple of days after. Well, I don’t, so sometimes I say I’m going for a run, and I do run … to the pizza store, eat a slice, and run back.”

Another user, whose child is allergic to eggs, claims she can’t eat one of her favorite treats — Twinkies — for fear of triggering her kid’s allergic reaction.

“Sometimes, when I’m desperate for an egg-filled spongey cake, I will grocery shop solo, snag a 2-pack of Twinkies, and indulge in the car before driving home,” she wrote. “Then I wash my hands and face and mouth in the outdoor sink before going inside to resume mom duties.”

Aside from food, plenty of users claimed to be partaking in secret hobbies or hangouts, unbeknownst to their partner.

“I write stories for years now, some of the times she thinks I’m working on the computer but I’m actually writing a story,” one Redditor claimed. “There is nothing to hide but I just keep it to myself … I have written 56 stories.”

Another Redditor said he sometimes tells his wife he’s leaving for work, when in actuality he’s calling in sick so he can hang out with his buddies all day. “It’s literally the only way for us all to get together reliably,” he said.

Some said they indulge in fantasies, fanfiction or role-playing games.

“Before [my partner] comes home, I like to make believe that I am a warrior princess and I use a pretend sword to slay enemy soldiers,” one user said.

Not every revelation was so tame, however. Some users fessed up to more risqué behavior, such as the woman who claims she likes to “cruise the house butt naked” when her family isn’t home, or the other who harbored a secret twerking hobby.

“When nobody is home I twerk to my music,” she said. “I love feeling sexy when I dance. I’ll even practice doing the whole lap dance on a kitchen chair … I’ve told him repeatedly when we go out dancing that I don’t know how to grind, twerk, or do any of that type of dancing[,] mostly because in front of people I know I’d look like a total dork.”

Among the thousands of other responses, some Reddit users admitted to gambling in secret or sneaking the occasional cigarette, and a surprisingly large number said they intentionally stay up later than their partners, just to get some alone-time.

“I love my partner. She’s amazing. I would be miserable if she were to leave my life,” one user wrote. “BUT HOLY HELL DO I LOVE BEING ALONE.”

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