US retailers face fireworks shortage ahead of Fourth of July


LOS ANGELES (NewsNation Now) — On the heels of a cache of illegal fireworks being exploded by authorities in Los Angeles that left at least 17 injured, retailers across the country are facing a shortage. 

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Thursday a full investigation into the explosion is underway.

Fireworks are illegal in California and one person was arrested in connection to owning them.

However, across the country, fireworks are in short supply ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.

Steve Shults owns Arkansas Fireworks in Pocahontas, Arkansas. He told the reasons range from the supply chain, a lack of shipping containers in China, a thin workforce and a pandemic marked by high demand from idle Americans has left retailers with empty shelves and no way to fill them.

“If I had to order a truckload right now, there’s no way I could get it,” he said.

The shortage is causing cities and towns across the country to cancel fireworks shows even amid record post-COVID-19 demand.

“Last year was such a phenomenal year, it consumed all of the inventory of everyone across the United States. So there was no carryover to depend on,” said Shults.

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