Vicky White stayed at hotel night before freeing inmate

(NewsNation) — Alabama correctional officer Vicky White stayed at a hotel the night before she helped inmate Casey White escape from jail. This happened prior to when the two went on the run, launching a nationwide manhunt for the couple.

New surveillance footage released by the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department of the day she went missing shows Vicky at a hotel in Lauderdale County. The vehicle she used to escape with Casey was a copper-toned 2007 Ford Edge that was parked in a mall parking lot near the hotel.

Authorities say she drove her work vehicle to the Lauderdale County Jail the morning she freed Casey and then switched vehicles after she picked him up.

Vicky was seen on hotel surveillance footage at 6:30 a.m., three hours before she walked Casey out of the jail. After that, the two were not seen again.

Vicky sold her home 11 days before the escape for far under market value. She then took $90,000 out of a series of bank accounts.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told NewsNation affiliate WHNT he believes Vicky stayed at a hotel rather than her mother’s house, who she lived next door to prior to selling her home, because “she didn’t want to face her mother that morning knowing she was going to leave.”

No official sightings of the pair have been reported of the couple, who share a “special relationship,” since their disappearance. But there were reports Vicky was seen at a department store buying men’s clothing and at an adult store.

Workers at the department store and adult store told NewsNation they could not comment on whether or not Vicky was spotted in their stores.

Casey and Vicky are considered to be armed with a shotgun and AR-15 rifle, they should not be approached if seen.


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