14 arrested, riot declared as Portland protests near 3-month milestone


PORTLAND, Ore. (NewsNation) — Portland police said rocks, eggs and glass were thrown at officers into the early hours of Sunday leading to police to declare another riot in the city that has witnessed nearly three months of protests.

Protesters had reportedly intended to march to the Penumbra Kelly public safety building, however, a standoff between marchers and officers took place on a bridge along the way — and the demonstrators retreated.

The Portland Police Bureau said eggs, glass bottles, rocks and paintballs were thrown at officers throughout the night. A Portland Fire & Rescue Medic embedded with one of the squads was hit in the shin with a large rock. He suffered a minor injury.

Police initially declared an unlawful assembly, saying “items had been thrown at officers, green lasers had been pointed at officers and a support airplane and paintball guns had been fired.“

Images posted online showed officers using smoke to clear the area. Fourteen people were arrested, including one charged with assaulting a public safety officer. Other citations include disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer.

About 50 officers were deployed in Saturday night’s riot. The majority of the 14 arrested during the 86th night of protests were Portland residents, according to PPB.

Police declared a riot just after midnight, about an hour following the arrival of protesters who had marched to the Penumbra Kelly Building in Southeast Portland Saturday night; the second protest came hours later following dueling demonstrations between right and left-leaning protesters in the downtown area earlier in the day.

The area includes county and federal buildings and has been the site of numerous recent protests. Department of Homeland Security officers moved through the plaza across from an 18-story federal building. A federal courthouse is also near that area.

NewsNation affiliate KOIN and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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