Animal advocates push for rodeo bans in California


(NewsNation) — There’s a push to make rodeos a thing of the past in California. Several cities already have bans in place including San Francisco, San Juan Capistrano and Pasadena.

Los Angeles is the latest to take up the issue. In the city, rather than ban particular events, the legislation seeks to ban certain devices on rodeo animals including spurs, flank straps and electric prods, within the city limits. The Los Angeles Times reported.

The legislation is sponsored by Bob Blumenfield, who represents the west San Fernando Valley.

Eric Mills, coordinator with Action for Animals, an advocate for banning rodeos, said the U.S. is behind on banning rodeos. He said all rodeo was outlawed in 1934 in the United Kingdom, Scotland and Wales, followed by Germany and the Netherlands.

“Rodeo is a myth, to begin with; it’s a pseudo-macho exercise and domination — has nothing to do with ranching, or livestock and agriculture,” Mills explained. “It’s strictly abuse of animals, many of which die in the process for our entertainment.”

Meanwhile, supporters say it’s an attempt to cancel culture.

Mills said it’s a matter of taking care of others and not exploiting animals just for fun and entertainment.

“For most of these animals, exploited and abused in rodeo arenas are merely a detour in route to the slaughterhouse that needs to end,” he said.

Mills continued, “Can you imagine the public outcry if we did to a dog what we do to baby roping calves at the rodeo? People would burn the arenas to the ground. We can do a whole lot better with very little effort.”

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