Bay Area home converted to mini museum about Black Panthers


Members of the Black Panther Party attend the funeral of a baby of one of the Black Panthers and a Swedish mother, USA, 19th April 1969. The man on the left is wearing a badge reading ‘Huey Must Be Set Free’, referring to incarcerated Black Panther Party founder Huey P. Newton. (Photo by Jean-Pierre Laffont/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A first-floor Bay Area apartment will soon be home to an exhibit of photos, banners and posters that explore the history of the Black Panther Party.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Sunday that the 1,000-square-foot “mini-museum” will open in West Oakland on June 19.

The exterior of the home at the corner where party co-founder Huey P. Newton was fatally shot was decorated this year with a large mural dedicated to the women of the Black Panther Party. Inside, visitors can walk through a temporary exhibit curated by archivist Lisbet Tellefsen.

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Homeowner Jilchristina Vest said she decided to convert the space after tenants moved out. She hopes to have the home designated as a landmark and transform the space into a community center.

“It felt like it needed to be something more than somebody’s apartment,” she said.

Visitors will each have 30 minutes to walk through the exhibit. Tickets are available online.

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