Dog the Bounty Hunter: Lopez manhunt a ‘black eye’ on police


(NewsNation) — Dog the Bounty Hunter said Texas authorities working on the Gonzalo Lopez manhunt have a “black eye” on their reputation after failing to capture the inmate before he killed five members of a family.

The bounty hunter, also known as Duane Chapman, believes the tragic killing of Mark, Waylon, Carson, Bryson and Hudson Collins could have been prevented if authorities had shared more information relevant to the search for Lopez.

“(Texas authorities) got a black eye right now all across that state,” he told “NewsNation Prime.” “Share the information with us. Let us know. We’ll let (police) be the hero,” he said. “We just want to be instrumental in the apprehension.”

Chapman said the people of Texas were eager to help authorities find Lopez, but with little information shared, it was difficult for them to be involved.

“To keep this all secret … this is what happens. People get murdered,” he said.

The members of the Collins family were at a vacation home in Centerville, Texas, when police say Lopez broke in and murdered them, and then stole their guns and truck.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said officers killed Gonzalo Lopez during a shootout in Jourdanton, Texas — about 30 miles south of San Antonio.

NewsNation spoke with the victims’ neighbor, who said police were not keeping residents properly informed about the manhunt as it dragged on.

The neighbor, whom NewsNation will refer to as Melanie for her safety, said when the manhunt started, there were several guards blocking highway entrances every hundred feet.

“But then, next thing you know, they disappear completely,” Melanie said. “There were no more briefings, not only for (the media), but no law enforcement were really giving us any updates regarding the search whatsoever.”

Chapman said it’s likely information officers were told not to say anything about the search for Lopez, which is why updates on the manhunt became infrequent.

“I’m assuming that one of the upper echelon cops told the information officer, ‘don’t say nothing,’” said Chapman. “That doesn’t work. We need to know.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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