Fatal police shooting in Hollywood leaves man wearing body armor dead


(KTLA) — An investigation is underway following a police shooting in Hollywood that left a man dead, the Los Angeles Police Department reported Saturday.

Officers were responding to a call with their sirens and lights on when a car suddenly pulled in front of them around 2:35 p.m. and stopped, the LAPD said.

Police said the car, which appeared to be a black sedan according to video footage from the scene — not only stopped but the driver also put the car in reverse, ramming into the LAPD unit, the department said.

The driver of the sedan exited the vehicle, was wearing body armor and confronted the officers with “his right hand concealed behind him,” police said.

Officers alleged that the man moved toward the officers, who had exited their patrol car. 

“He counted “3, 2, 1” & began to move his arm to the front of his body, at which time there was an OIS,” the LAPD said on Twitter.

The man was struck by gunfire and pronounced dead at the scene, the LAPD reported.

Video from the scene showed a man lying in the street, covered in blood and wearing a bulletproof vest, which officers later removed.

The sedan, which was covered in decals with conspiratorial messages like “new world order” and “governments of deception,” appeared to have its back bumper damaged as it was in contact with an LAPD vehicle.

No other information was immediately available. Police say the incident is an active investigation.

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