FBI responds to group’s claim it ID’d the Zodiac Killer


SAN FRANCISCO (NewsNation Now) — A member of a cold case team says they would “love to have more conversations” with the FBI after the federal agency responded to the group’s claim that it identified the Zodiac Killer.

The FBI said the group’s evidence is circumstantial and the case remains open.

“If they are feeling that so far we have not crossed the finish line, OK, we’ll accept that for now,” Bill Proctor, who is part of The Case Breakers, said on NewsNation on Thursday. “But we’d love to have some more cooperation.”

On Wednesday, NewsNation first reported about The Case Breakers, a group made of former law enforcement members, intelligence officers and investigative journalists, who’ve named a man they think is the so-called Zodiac Killer. The murderer is known for terrorizing the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s.

The group believes that Gary Francis Poste is a “very strong suspect.” The Case Breakers say physical and forensic evidence, as well as recovered photos and other information, has led them to the suspect who recently died.

“We have a pretty good strong level of confidence that the evidence that we have assembled, that the connectivity we have with Mr. Poste’s travels, with where the murders took place, when some of the evidence left at the scene are very connective to his travels and where he could have been to do some of these murders,” Proctor said.

Proctor says they can’t say Poste is the Zodiac Killer with 100% confidence, but that is where the evidence currently points.

“We’re not going to be upset about our friends at the FBI taking this particular position because we have talked to them personally,” Proctor said. “We have asked them to hold on to evidence so we can examine it. We have asked for interviews. They have been, well, let’s say, marginally cooperative.”

Proctor says his team is also following the case of Jimmy Hoffa and he believes they are “on the right track.”

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