Former FBI agent: Idaho killer might be at vigil

(NewsNation) — People in the city of Moscow are desperate for answers regarding the University of Idaho murders, yet police have not held a news conference in five days.

Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer tells NewsNation that she doesn’t think authorities will release new information because they are still “knee-deep” in the investigation.

“Imagine … the public wants the puzzle put together before they have the pieces,” Coffindaffer said Monday on “Rush Hour.” “They need to get all the information back from subpoenas, from court orders, from review of this forensic evidence, from their interviews.”

Former CIA officer and FBI special agent Tracy Walder also weighed in and says it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

“If you see something, say something,” Walder said on “Rush Hour.” “In many communities, rural or urban, we’re lulled into this sense of security because we get into our routines.”

Both Coffindaffer and Walder believe investigators are paying close attention to social media activity connected to the victims, and the roommates, leading up to the murder.

There will be a vigil for the students Wednesday, and Coffindaffer says it’s possible that the killer will be there.

“I could see a killer that committed this heinous crime wanting to be abreast of what rumors might be out there, what police might be doing. I think it’s definitely a possibility,” Coffindaffer said.


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