Gov. Newsom kicks off his ‘vote no’ to recall campaign in San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Gov. Gavin Newsom is setting out on a four-day campaign for people to “vote no” on the recall election.

His effort starts in San Francisco, where he once led as mayor.

Early voting for the Sept. 14 recall election opens this Monday.

Newsom’s main goals are to educate people on how to vote when they get their ballots and urge them to vote no. He’s warning California Democrats that if they recall him, their next governor will be Republican.

Dozens of candidates will be on the ballot vying to replace Newsom if a majority of voters approve removing him from office.

But the leading opposing candidate is Larry Elder, who is a self-described Libertarian and conservative radio host and columnist.

Inside California Politics hosted a poll with Emerson College to see if people are leaning towards the recall or not. Results show it’s close.

According to the exclusive poll, 46% of polled constituents want to vote to recall, 48% want to keep Newsom. Six percent remain undecided.

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