Heat wave expected to bring blistering temps to California


LOS ANGELES (NewsNation) — A dangerous heatwave is gripping much of the west, with triple-digit temperatures expected in some areas, and the oppressive conditions are expected to stretch through the weekend and into next week.

The heat has officials throughout California on alert, on many fronts, including the beach front.

For many Californians, catching beach waves during heat waves goes hand in hand. But with health regulations due to COVID-19, things are trickier these days, especially while keeping a mask on.

“What I’ll do is go to the parking lot, take my mask down, take a few breaths. It’s not terrible,” said beachgoer Jim Laccetti.

Throughout the West, temperatures are up to twenty degrees above average — well into triple digits in many areas.

A California Flex Alert is in effect and the state’s independent system operator in Folsom is calling for voluntary conservation efforts, especially during the hottest hours. Consumers are asked not to do laundry, wash dishes or run large appliances between 3 and 10 p.m.

Officials warn that without consumers turning up their thermostats, blacking out their windows and consciously conserving, there won’t be enough power to serve the state.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has extra crews on duty, but there’s concern since the heatwave could stretch beyond Monday.

“So, PG&E is preparing for possible power outages and we want our customers to prepare for possible power outages as well,” said Deanna Contreras spokesperson for PG&E.

For people in need, Los Angeles County has opened a number of cooling centers.

Meanwhile, restaurant owners have an added concern since they are not allowed to offer indoor seating at the moment.

In Roseville, restaurants have extended shaded patio areas and some are bringing in misters, but owners anticipate a drop in their already limited revenue.

“I know personally, I’m not going to want to eat outside in this weather, but with the ordinance, you have to eat food and not everyone’s going to have an appetite when it’s 100-plus degrees out,” said restaurant owner Kendal Schubert.

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