Jewish men allegedly attacked by members of pro-Palestinian caravan outside LA restaurant


BEVERLY GROVE (KTLA) — Two Jewish men dining outside a Los Angeles restaurant were allegedly attacked by members of a pro-Palestinian caravan that was traveling through the area Tuesday night.

The incident occurred shortly before 10 p.m. outside the Sushi Fumi restaurant in Beverly Grove. The fight was captured on video and shared with NewsNation affiliate KTLA by a viewer who wished to remain anonymous.

A witness to the incident said she was sitting with a group of friends when people in a caravan of vehicles displaying Palestinian flags drove by and began shouting at diners.

The witness said that at one point a group of men jumped out of their vehicles and asked some men if any of them were “Jews.” The fighting broke out when two men replied that they were, according to the witness.

Video shows punches and items being thrown between a large group of men on a sidewalk as customers looked on.

The restaurant staff then rushed patrons inside, locked the doors and called police. The ordeal lasted about 15 minutes, according to the witness.

Police eventually arrived. No one was transported and no one was taken into custody, according to the witness.

Video of the incident was sent to L.A. City Councilman Paul Koretz.

“It’s absolutely outrageous. We’re not going to allow this in the city of Los Angeles,” Koretz said.

The councilman, who is Jewish himself, came to the scene and said he would push for the attack to be investigated.

“We’re not going to bring the conflict from the Middle East here and allow people to be attacked on our streets because of what they look like and what they appear ethnically,” Koretz said.

Koretz also asked the Los Angeles Police Department to provide resources to ensure similar incidents don’t happen in the future.

Pro-Palestinian supporters have recently taken to the streets in West Los Angeles to protest the ongoing fight between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

The majority of the local protests have remained peaceful.

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