Las Vegas couple feeds hundreds of families for Thanksgiving


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Though the COVID-19 pandemic has brought sadness, sickness and anxiety ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, one Las Vegas couple is working hard to make sure no one is home hungry. 

What started as a small Facebook group in March has transformed to help families all over the valley since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We don’t judge, we just love,” Julie Danner said of her project to gather and distribute hundreds of meals for those in need. 

“Everything has just been tossed upside down,” Jim Danner said. “And a lot of the people that thought they had it all figured out, maybe not so much.”

Those efforts have exploded ahead of this week’s holiday. 

“For Thanksgiving we thought we would do a big project,” Julie Danner said. “And put together a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.”

Together with volunteers, friends and neighbors, the Danners have made 225 Thanksgiving meal box deliveries to feed 828 people. 

The Danners were also able to distribute 75 supplemental food boxes, thanks to local organizations Cup of Hope and Chefs4Vegas.

“It’s just such a good feeling to know that they did reach out, they did get what they needed,” Julie Danner said. “And now they can just relax and be home and be happy.”

As we wrap up a year that has brought so many both sadness and hardship, these two are proof there’s plenty of light and love left to share. 

“Don’t be afraid to reach out,” Jim Danner concluded, speaking to the community. “Don’t be afraid to let people know that you need help.”

The Danners are now gathering meals, gifts and toys to distribute this Christmas. 

To view the Las Vegas/Henderson Coronavirus Community Rescue & Barter Facebook Page, CLICK HERE.

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