Less than half of Disneyland’s 32,000 workers are back on the job as labor shortage hits amusement parks


LOS ANGELES (NewsNation Now) — Snow White and her seven dwarves will always be on the job in their Disneyland attraction, but throughout the park, less than half of 32,000 employees have returned to their jobs. It’s left some restaurants closed and some rides stopped.

Like other industries, a severe labor shortage has amusement parks struggling to find enough workers. Some rides are also at a dead stop at Six Flags St. Louis.

“We may have to rotate some rides, we may have to close a ride temporarily so that we can make sure our employees get their breaks, and so that we are taking care of them during the day,” Six Flags St. Louis spokesperson Elizabeth Gotway said.

It all adds up to less amusement for park visitors.

“There were some carnival games down and some rides down that we expected to be open,” Chelsy Wilson said of her Six Flags trip. “There were definitely less workers.”

To bring in more workers, Six Flags St. Louis has introduced incentives including higher pay, $1,000 hiring bonuses and even free food and family passes.

At Cedar Point in Ohio, pay has been raised to $20/hr, but it’s not enough to fill all the open jobs.

The move has also hurt small businesses nearby. 

“Some of the younger kids that would get a job normally over the summer for us, are going there for $20/hr and I don’t blame them,” Jill Turner, a restaurant manager, said. “But it is hard for the small business.”

In Tennessee, Dollywood hopes to bring in more help by offering help with childcare.

Workers at Dollywood parks are now eligible for a childcare subsidy and access to around-the-clock support.

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