Lyft driver seriously injured after being attacked with microphone stand


LOS ANGELES (NewsNation Now) — An early morning attack left a Los Angeles area Lyft driver with serious head injuries and led to calls for more support from Lyft and Uber.

A dashcam captured audio of the violent assault of Lyft driver Ye Lu just over a week ago outside a bar in Riverside County outside L.A.

The attack left him bruised and bloodied, with a head injury which required stitches.

The passenger was said to be a DJ and just before the attack, Lu had told him he had far too much equipment to fit into the trunk.

Soon after, Lu was pummeled with a microphone stand.

“I want to get out from my vehicle but the thing is, time I had my seat belt block me, so mostly like this situation and he start hitting me,” Lu said.

The incident led to the arrest of a 23 year-old-man.

Advocates for rideshare drivers are pleading with Uber and Lyft to provide more front and rear facing cameras.

Road rage and incidents with violent encounters in rideshares have been seen more frequently over the last year.

In the nearby El Monte area, an arrest has been made in an incident where a driver was robbed and pistol whipped while at a gas station.

A country singer in Nashville was attacked by her driver after she told him he turned on to the wrong street.

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