Mom and union lawyer wants Seattle teachers to earn higher wage


(NewsNation) — Public school classes in Seattle remain delayed as 6,000 educators in the city are on strike, fighting for higher pay and more support in the classroom.

Seattle Public School’s Superintendent Brett Jones said the district and the teachers union are making “tremendous progress” toward a deal, but for parents in the district, finding short-term child care has been difficult.

Labor union lawyer SaNni Lemonidis, who has three children in Seattle public schools, said the delay in the beginning of classes has her doing “a lot more” child care, but as a labor union lawyer would, she supports the strike.

“I fully support our teachers and I really think it’s important they’re out there,” Lemonidis said. “They’re the last line of defense for our kids, fighting to ensure there aren’t these cuts to special ed programs, that definitely affects me. I am fully supportive but I really hope the district gets on board and gives the teachers what they really need.”

Teacher pay “needs to be a priority,” Lemonidis said.

“The cost of living in Seattle is already so high, skyrocketing inflation, we have teachers who can’t afford to live here,” Lemonidis said. “I think they really need to tap into that rainy day fund, which they have. This is our rainy day. We need to be able to pay our educators what they deserve so they can live in the same city they teach in.”

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