Mother and daughter reunite after more than 50 years apart and living only 25 minutes away from each other


LOS ANGELES (NewsNation Now) — Lisa Wright was told by her adoptive mom that her birth mother loved her, but was just 18-years-old and knew she couldn’t take care of her.

The adoption was closed, and Lisa never tried to find the woman who had to give her up.

Lisa Wright as a child
Courtesy: Lisa Wright

Recently, Lisa took a genetic test at her son’s suggestion.

“And to my surprise, I had a DNA match for someone by the name of Carlton Moody. And I was told that that person is my uncle,” said Wright.

She connected with her Uncle on the phone and the two began to get to know each other.

“I said, Well, my birthday is December the 10th, 1964. He said, Listen, let me stop you right now. You’re my niece. And I said, so are you telling me that? My mother is your sister? He said yes, Lisa. You are my niece. Your mother is my sister.

Lisa wright

Which led her to Lynne Moody, her biological mother. Moody is known for her roles in “Roots” and “Knots Landing.”

Courtesy: Lisa Wright

“My brother called me and said there’s a woman that thinks that I might be her uncle. And as soon as he said that, I mean, it was out of the blue. out of the blue. My heart skipped a beat and I said Carlton, it’s her. It’s her. I know it’s her. It’s her,” said Moody.

“I dropped to the ground. I was in a fetal position. I was sobbing, I was screaming, I was crying at the top of my lungs forever. My sister was there. She was trying to help me. But I was inconsolable. Because all of that pain and worry and anxiety that I carried around for 50 something years trying to live with myself and the knowledge that I had a daughter out there came out, and I was just inconsolable. I was so excited.”

Lynne Moody

It turns out they live just 25 minutes away from each other in Los Angeles.

After more than 50 years apart, the two spoke on the phone then the very next day they met in person for the first time.

When I opened the door, she came out we were hugging, she still had the phone in her hand talking to her son. And I didn’t know this. I was just calling her my baby. My baby seeing her for the first.”

Lynne Moody
Courtesy: Lisa Wright

In a twist, Wright actually grew up watching her mom on the show “That’s My Mama.”

“It was just so crazy. Because “That’s My Mama,” you know, in our household, that was our version back then of must see TV. So you know, that’s kind of what we did. And all my friends watched it. And it’s just so ironic. It’s like who knew that was my mom on TV,” said Wright.

Lynne’s message to all those searching for their missing puzzle piece is to give it time.

Love yourself and know that you are meant to be here; you are not an accident. You are not a mistake. You are here because of God. God’s will and you’re supposed to be here, and you’re supposed to be happy. That is your birthright. So just hang in there. Keep the faith. Take care of yourself. Trust in God, God is good every day, all the time.

Lynne moody

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