Off-duty Border Patrol agent delivers baby in bathroom stall


A U.S. Border Patrol flag is seen July 23, 2021, at the Big Bend Sector Headquarters in Marfa, Texas (Fernie Ortiz/Border Report)

(NewsNation) —  A Border Patrol agent out of San Diego helped deliver a baby boy in a public bathroom while he was off-duty.

On May 15, Agent George Huertas was with his family at Liberty Station participating in a 5K event for premature babies. It’s close to his heart since his son spent the first three months of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit.

When Huertas and his family were packing up to leave the event, his sister ran over to him and told him a woman was giving birth in a bathroom.

He jumped into action and ran to the restroom, where he found the woman in the process of giving birth in one of the stalls. Using rubber gloves provided by a janitor, Huertas stepped in to help deliver the child.

Huertas managed to stimulate the baby and initiate breathing. He wrapped the baby in one of his sister’s blankets, cleaned the child’s face and introduced the bundle of joy to his mother for the first time.

“If you know George, you know he is too humble to bring this up for attention,” said Michael E. McEwan, the acting commander of San Diego Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue. “He only told a group of us in passing during muster and downplayed the whole incident. George responds to those in need on and off duty.”

Huertas stayed with the new mom until medical personnel arrived on scene to take over care.

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