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Pancake party unites one California neighborhood

SAN FRANCISCO (NewsNation Now) — Making friends as an adult can be difficult, especially during a pandemic. So one California man decided to use pancakes as a tool to foster new friendships.

“I was just looking to connect with people. I was trying to find the lowest common denominator, something that no one can be mad at and I figured pancakes was the way to go,” Curtis Kimball said.

Kimball invited his neighborhood to a pancake party to socialize after his wife told him the pandemic made him weird. He agrees.

“It’s definitely made me weird. It also made a lot of my friends weird. We were trying to find a way to reintegrate into being social,” Kimball said. “Even at the pancake party, people loved it, but you could tell everyone was getting their sea legs socially.”

He says seeing all his neighbors connect was the best part of the event.

“Maybe that’s the one skill I have, putting myself out there, and allowing other people to connect through me and pancakes,” Kimball said.

Kimball says the event showed him that “everyone is looking to connect.”

“Everyone came really excited to connect. Some people brought lemon curd from lemons in their backyard or honey from bee keeping that they do,” he said.

Kimball encouraged everyone to put themselves out there and have a good time. He says more pancake parties are on the horizon.


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