Pres. Trump to visit California to assess wildfire damage


WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — President Donald Trump will visit California on Monday to be briefed on wildfires sweeping the western United States, a White House spokesperson said.

The firestorms, some of the largest on record in California and Oregon, were driven by high winds that howled across the region for days in the midst of record-breaking heat. The region’s death toll has topped 30, and officials are expecting the number to rise.

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced by the wildfires in Oregon, California and Washington state. Meanwhile, authorities are warning of dangerous air quality levels.

Trump will visit California after campaigning in Nevada over the weekend.

He has been critical of California in the past for allowing conditions that he said permit wildfires.

“Maybe we’re just going to have to make them pay for it because they don’t listen to us,” Trump said during a rally last month.

Democratic challenger Joe Biden addressed the threat of climate change in a statement about the West Coast wildfires Saturday.

“Left unchecked, wildfires and other extreme weather disasters will only continue to grow in frequency and intensity, endangering the lives of tens of millions of Americans, ravaging our lands and waterways, rendering the air unbreathable, and laying waste to our economic security,” Biden said. “In the years ahead, there will be no challenge more consequential to our future than meeting and defeating the onrushing climate crisis.”

The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

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