USC required to have security guards at frat parties

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Most fraternities at the University of Southern California will be allowed to start having parties again in March — if security guards are posted at stairs or hallways in fraternity houses that lead to bedrooms, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Strict rules issued in advance of spring recruiting known as “rush” follow allegations of drugging and sexual abuse at several fraternities last year, the Times said Wednesday.

All fraternity social events at the college were halted in October after the allegations surfaced.

The resumption of social activities will not apply to several suspended fraternities. An investigation of the sex abuse allegations continues under Title IX of federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in schools and educational programs.

Sexual violence prevention training will also be mandatory for all USC fraternity members under the rules drafted by representatives of a group with representatives of fraternities, student government, other student groups, safety experts and faculty.

Attorney David Bianchi says this new rule is going to be almost impossible to implement on campus.

“Because there are so many obligations imposed upon the chapters and individual fraternity members to try to comply with all of this, then I don’t see how it’s possible to do this.”

Bianchi, who joined “NewsNation Prime” on Thursday, said the only way the school could put an end to these crimes on campus is to enforce tighter rules.

“The only way you’re going to rein this in is not with another seven-page document. You’re going to have to immediately expel everybody involved, including the officers at each chapter when it happens. Because I believe that the officers of the chapter are in the best position to control the conduct.”

He continued, “There are already a million rules at every university about all of this … everything they are talking about doing here already exists. This is just modified language is all.”

USC Provost Charles Zukoski said the partnership between the group and the university was critical to the future of Greek life at the university, which has about 21,000 undergraduate students and about 4,000 as members of fraternities and sororities.

In addition to preventing guests from entering bedrooms during parties, the rules call for security guards to be posted at fraternity house entry points. The security companies must be hired in consultation with the university.


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