VIDEO: Hoverboard catches fire, explodes as children escape serious injury


LEHI, Utah (NewsNation Now) — Frightening moments for a Utah family were caught on camera as a hoverboard caught fire and exploded their home, nearly setting the entire house on fire.

Tamilisa Miner told NewsNation affiliate KTVX that her 9-year-old son’s hoverboard was charging when he saw a billow of smoke and called for her help. Moments later, it caught fire and exploded.

In the video, Miner’s son barely escaped the explosion as he ran past the hoverboard.

Miner said right after, batteries started shooting out of the hoverboard.

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She was cooking breakfast, and she’s seen in the video with an oven mitt, trying to prevent smaller fires from spreading. Then, her husband rushes in, and both parents grabbed fire extinguishers and put the fire out.

“Moment to moment was really scary,” Miner said. “I just said, “get out.” I just knew it was gonna blow, I knew it. And they did it, they ran right out, but as my son ran past, boom, and grateful he’s okay.”

Miner said her son’s a bit traumatized, but told KTVX doctors say he’s physically OK.

Fire investigators say if the family didn’t use their fire extinguishers when they did, their house could’ve been a total loss.

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