Video shows California police officer knock woman unconscious


FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KRON) — An investigation is underway after a Fairfield, California family said a domestic call ended with an officer throwing a woman to the ground, leaving her unconscious.

The incident happened in October 2020, but a video of the incident was made public this week. In it, Diana Santos’ legs can be seen flying up in the air; then the camera pans to her on the ground.

Santos said she doesn’t remember what happened; she only remembers the police arriving and then waking up receiving medical attention. Months later, her relatives said they’re still very scared and are fighting legal battles.

Santos’ husband Edward Chaves was there as the incident unfolded.

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“We asked for help and what we got was my wife injured and my kids taken to jail,” Chaves said.

The family had called the police for help after a domestic incident between Santos’ daughter and her boyfriend. The family says it led to the scene caught on video.

“The help came and we thought things would be OK and the next thing you know my wife is on the floor, we thought dead,” said Chaves.

Santos’ attorney John Ambrosio said she is being charged with two misdemeanor accounts — one for resisting arrest and one for obstruction.

He said his law firm just found the video of the incident on social media. They don’t know who took it. Ambrosio said they had their first hearing last week; this week, he is meeting with the district attorney. He hopes the case will be dismissed.

Santos has retained another lawyer for a civil suit against the Fairfield Police Department.

The Fairfield Police Department did not respond to NewsNation affiliate KRON’s request for comment as of Monday afternoon.

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