What is Colorado spending to bus migrants away?


DENVER (KDVR) — Newly-obtained documents are providing insight into how much money the state has spent busing migrants out of Colorado.

More than 4,000 migrants have ended up in the Mile High City since Dec. 9. The state said about 70% of them are not staying in Denver.

Documents obtained by NewsNation affiliate KDVR show Colorado spent $607,137 on transportation to help migrants get to their final destinations. That covers Dec. 1-Jan. 13.

Documents show three companies billed for busing to three main destinations: Chicago, New York City and Miami.

KDVR asked state officials a series of questions to break down this cost and how it is being funded. So far, the state has provided the following response:

“The funding for transportation support is through federal ARPA funds. Due to the inclement weather over the holidays, much of the country’s transportation system was delayed and resulting in people being stuck in places they did not want to be. The State stepped up to help the migrants get to their desired final destination in the most human and culturally appropriate way possible.”

Colorado spokesperson

KDVR has requested a breakdown of how many people have benefited from this money with the prices per ticket and will provide those details when they become available.

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