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Woman loses body part inside Las Vegas hotel room

The strip on Las Vegas Boulevard is seen on May 30, 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman lost part of her toe inside a hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip after she got into an argument with a man who had allegedly offered her money to go to a nightclub with him, documents said.

Las Vegas Metro police arrested Oyefeso Durotimijesu, 35, on a charge of mayhem, records showed.

“Mayhem consists of unlawfully depriving a human being of a member of his or her body, or disfiguring or rendering it useless,” according to Nevada state statute.

On Monday, Sept. 4, a Metro police officer responded to the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip for a report of a woman missing part of her toe, documents said. Hotel security detained Durotimijesu while the injured woman was brought to a hospital.

Las Vegas Metro police arrested Oyefeso Durotimijesu, 35, on a charge of mayhem, records showed. (LVMPD/KLAS)

The woman said she met Durotimijesu at a bar at the MGM when he invited her up to his room, documents said. The two planned to go to a Las Vegas Strip nightclub together and were getting ready when Durotimijesu gave the woman his phone.

Durotimijesu then allegedly grabbed the phone back from the woman and “stated in an angry tone not to go through his phone,” documents said. The woman then attempted to make a call from the hotel room’s phone, but “Durotimijesu was pushing [the woman] with one hand and pulling the phone with the other.”

The two began to wrestle for the woman’s purse when she fell to the floor but was able to call for help, documents said. At one point, Durotimijesu allegedly slammed the door, hitting the woman’s foot.

As security approached the room and the woman lay bleeding on the floor, Durotimijesu allegedly threw the woman’s belongings “one item at a time while yelling profanities” from the room, documents said.

Security officers found the missing part of the woman’s toe in the hotel room, they said.

Durotimijesu told investigators he gave the victim $200 and that the incident was his attempt at getting the money back after she said it was “not enough,” officers said. It was unclear from police documents what the woman’s intentions were.

Judge Rebecca Saxe set Durotimijesu’s bail at $5,000. He remained in custody at the Clark County Detention Center as of Wednesday and was due in court Thursday.


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