What is Wordle and what do those colored boxes mean

Wordle, a simple word game, is taking the Internet by storm. (Nexstar)

(NEXSTAR) – Have you been confused by your friends posting to Twitter something like ‘Wordle 206 2/6’ and rows of gray, yellow, and green cubes? Welcome to the latest game taking the internet by storm.

If you used to watch Lingo on the Game Show Network, then Wordle will seem largely familiar.

Each day, a new game is posted online. You have six tries to get the five-letter word without any hints or clues, except color-coded tiles. In each guess, you need to enter five letters. Once you submit your guess, the color of the letter tiles will change to show how close you are to the right answer.

A green tile means the letter is in the correct spot. A yellow tile means the letter is in the word but in the wrong spot. A gray tile means the letter isn’t in the word at all. If you’re colorblind, don’t feel deterred – Wordle offers an option to turn on high contrast colors.

If the game seems too easy, Wordle also offers a hard mode in which you must use any of the green or yellow letters in subsequent guesses.

Once you’ve solved the Wordle of the day – or run out of attempts – you have the opportunity to share your results on social media. When you share your results, Wordle creates a letter, number, and colored-square message to share out. For example, if it took four attempts for you to solve Tuesday’s Wordle, your message would look like this:

Wordle 206 4/6


A new Wordle is posted each day, but if you want to practice while you wait, similar games can be found in the Google Play and Apple App Store. These apps offer more than one round each day.


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