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Congressman wants UFO whistleblower Grusch in for questioning

  • David Grusch claims government has UFO retrieval program
  • Amendment passed to renew security clearance of Grusch
  • Congressman Burlison remains skeptical of nonhuman origin

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(NewsNation) —  Congressman Eric Burlison, who was among the lawmakers at a Congressional hearing into what the Pentagon may know about UFOs, told NewsNation he’s “still skeptical” of the claims made by whistleblower David Grusch.

Burlison successfully passed an amendment in the House that encourages the government to renew Grusch’s security clearance, which would allow the former intelligence officer to share highly sensitive information in an ultra-secure facility known as a SCIF.

Grusch told Congress in July what he told NewsNation first: that the government has a secret program collecting nonhuman UFOs and that people have been harmed in government cover-ups of UFO technology. However, he stopped short of getting into specifics.

Burlison said Monday on “Elizabeth Vargas Reports” that specific information about what Grusch was referring to may be elaborated on in a SCIF on Thursday.

“I’m told that Grush has signed a release to allow for his report to be released. It is uncertain whether they’re going to give us the actual copy of the report … or whether they’re just going to get a summary,” Burlison said.

Burlison doesn’t discount or deny eyewitness testimony, but he wants to bring Grusch in for questioning to gain clarity.

“There’s nothing that has pointed me in the direction that these are alien species from another planet. … I’m not coming to the conclusion that what they’re seeing and chasing is from another planet,” Burlison added.

Elizabeth Vargas Reports

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