A rare Halloween blue moon: What is it?


(NewsNation Now) — We have all heard “Once in a blue moon.” But what about “Once in a Halloween blue moon”? What is a blue moon anyway?

It’s no trick, but it will be a rare treat this Halloween as a blue moon will be visible from almost everywhere in the continental US. The moon will not actually be the color blue. A “blue moon” is just what the second full moon within one calendar month is called. Full moons happen about once every 19 years. But a “Blue Moon” on Halloween is more rare. The last one hasn’t been seen since the World War II era, back in 1944!

Luckily the weather will be pretty “Fa-boo-lous” in most places to see it. Aside from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan which will have lots of clouds and some snow possible on Halloween evening, the rest of the country will be able to see the blue moon. The Gulf Coast states up through the mid-Atlantic will have some scattered clouds passing in front of it that may add to the extra spookiness.

Enjoy this haunting sight. The next full moon on Halloween will not happen until 2039. But BEWARE!…Some of you may or may not grow fur, large ears, teeth and start howling at it. AHROOOOoooooo!

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