First tropical system of 2021 could form soon


(NEXSTAR) — While the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season does not begin until June 1, the National Hurricane Center may be tracking tropical development northeast of Bermuda within the next 2-5 days.

If this tropical system were to strengthen and produce maximum sustained winds of 39+ mph, it would receive the name “Ana.”

While it is outside of the normal “start” of hurricane season, it is not unusual for tropical storms to form in the month of May. In fact, at least one tropical depression and/or tropical storm has formed in the month of May for the past 6 years, and some years have even featured two. In the entirety of the Atlantic hurricane basin records, as many as 52 tropical depressions and tropical storms have formed in the month of May. Some storms have formed even earlier in the month of April.

The peak of hurricane season traditionally occurs in mid-September.

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