How to best protect yourself during a tornado


(NewsNation Now) — Severe weather is hitting parts of the South hard this year.

According to the Storm Prediction Center, there have been over 100 confirmed tornadoes this month. Last year, we saw 83 in March. With the increased threat of severe weather, here’s how you can best prepare for the worst.

The National Weather Service says there is no guaranteed safety during a tornado, but there are a few ways to get ready.

First you’ll need at least two separate ways to receive warnings and weather information. Have a weather radio on hand, and a fully charged phone.

Second, create an emergency plan that includes an adequate place to take shelter with your family.

Lastly, you’ll want to make an emergency kit with things like water, food, medication, and first aid supplies.

If you’re on the ground during a threat of severe weather, you’ll want to take notice of low lying, swiftly rotating clouds and large hail. Any of these could indicate a possible tornado.

When seeking shelter, the first place to go is a basement of an interior room without any windows. A closet or bathroom in the center of your home is best.

For added protection cover yourself with blankets to help protect against flying debris. Cover your head if possible.

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