89% of Lee County, Florida, residents without power

Hurricane Ian

(NewsNation) — While the worst of Hurricane Ian may be over for Florida, power and communication is still nearly non-existent for 89% of Lee County residents, of which covers Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that connecting residents back to power will likely mean rebuilding infrastructure to support it.

For family and friends with loved ones in areas hit by Ian, the uncertainty of knowing if they are safe is terrifying.

NewsNation spoke to a group of five college freshman who were caught in the areas that experienced the harshest effects of the storm.

Mikey Dimucci and his four friends evacuated from the University of Tampa under campus orders to a friends house in Cape Coral where they thought they would be safe.

Unfortunately for the students, Cape Coral was exactly where the storm pattern shifted and the five freshman were at the center — with no communication.

“There was a wind shift, I want to say it around 11 p.m which really scared us,” said Dimucci speaking to NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” Thursday. “It was actually really scary. You just heard things hitting the house. Shingles hitting the roof.”

When asked when he thought there would be electricity again, Dimucci said it could be days and that he didn’t know.

“You know, there were times we had a lot of leaks in the house — times I don’t I want to say we’re not going to make it but there were times where it was not looking good. And we came out stronger if you asked me” Dimucci said.

As more than 2 and half million Florida residences and business remain without power, FEMA offers a few tips:

  • Be careful of carbon monoxide as generators can release the poisonous gas if you use them inside your home.
  • I you have power — conserve it. Unplug any nonessentials.

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