Florida farmers report significant damage from Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian

(NewsNation) — Hurricane Ian’s impact on the farming industry has been significant, damaging crops, livestock and leaving farmers hoping to salvage what they can.

The owner of one farm near Sarasota says more than 250 cows were lost, with their employees believing the number will go up, given all of their 18 buildings were affected by the storm.

“I pulled in here Thursday morning, barely made it out here. The roads were flooded but I pulled in the driveway and I lost it. I just started crying. Because you looked around and you were, like, ‘What happened out here?” Courtney Dakin of Dakin Dairy Farm told NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” on Tuesday.

And while Ian mainly hit farms across Southwest Florida, the trickle-down may be felt in grocery stores across the nation, as Florida is a critical spot for farming in the winter when other places are too cold for operations.

Not only is the nation’s supply chain in jeopardy, but there are likely to be logistical problems getting milk, fruits and vegetables to consumers because many roads are still closed or flooded.

Such has already been the case with Florida’s citrus industry.

A spokesperson for the Florida Fruit and Vegetables Association tells NewsNation it could be several weeks before we really know the full impact from Ian on the farming industry.

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