Shelters across America help animals after Hurricane Ian

(NewsNation) — Animal shelters across the country are stepping up to help abandoned pets in Florida following the devastation of Hurricane Ian.

From a three-year-old pup name Dale that’s being adopted by the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago to a shelter in Delaware taking in 66 dogs and a litter of cats, the pet community has been showing up strong.

“Animal welfare is a community and we’re all in it together,” Diane Ashton, an employee at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center,” said while speaking on “NewsNation Live” Monday.

“So the point is to help other animal shelters deal with disasters like this one,” Ashton said.

If you want to help any of these animals but do not have the space to foster or adopt, shelters are accepting donations to help with the additional costs incurred by taking on the influx of pets.

Just make sure you check out the local listing for shelters in your area to see if they are doing so.

Hurricane Ian

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