Hurricane Ian survivors battle looters

Hurricane Ian

(NewsNation) — On top of dealing with the devastation and the recovery, Hurricane Ian victims are also protecting against looting.

Joey Fernandez took NewsNation into his house on San Carlos Island, Florida, where he has guns ready to go at every doorway and window, as well as lots of ammo. Fernandez even has a bow and arrow.

He tells NewsNation he was forced to arm himself after looters targeted his neighborhood all night long.

“There was a guy loading up my red jet ski in the middle of the road in front of everybody. There was a pickup truck trying to take one of my bikes,” Fernandez said.

On top of his weapons, Joey also has his dogs for protection, and his girlfriend put a sign out saying, “Do not even try it. Fully armed and will shoot to kill.”

“There is no police. There is nothing. It is us. It is the neighbors. Last night at 12:45 someone was trying to steal the golf carts,” said Fernandez.

Authorities say the looting is not widespread but yesterday on Pine Island, NewsNation met Emily Johnson, who was protecting her business.

“I want to make sure everyone knows that it’s occupied and protected. I will not back down. I’m here to protect the neighborhood. I protected that building last night. That building this morning. I’m here to project everything. Whatever I can by myself,” Emily said.

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