‘I think I’m in a tornado’: Woman survives Michigan twister


(NewsNation) — A deadly tornado spanning the size of two football fields tore through Gaylord, Michigan, this weekend. It was the first of its kind to hit Michigan in more than a decade.

The EF-3 twister was on the ground for 20 minutes, flattening parts of the area and packing winds of around 140 mph.

Two people died and more than 40 people were hurt from the vicious tornado that ripped roofs and walls off buildings and destroyed a mobile home park.

Sandy Miller was on her way home in her car when the tornado hit. She was talking to her husband on the phone when she saw debris flying in her direction.

“He said that I said, ‘I think I’m in a tornado, I think I’m in a tornado.’ Then I was lifted up and my car was tilted to the right and I kept seeing all this debris, and then it started rolling. Every time I rolled, I thought, ‘Is this going to be the last roll, is this going to be the last roll?’” Miller said. “When I finally did land, I looked for the closest place to get out and that was my sunroof. But I climbed out and I looked for the closest building.”

The closest building ended up being a Marathon gas station.

“I just ran towards that. They held the door open for me. Once I got inside, they helped me, checked me out to make sure I didn’t have any major injuries. They helped clean up all the blood that was on me and took care of me until my husband got there,” Miller said.

Miller said before the chaos unfolded, she saw an alert that popped up on her phone that said warning, but she just figured it was a thunderstorm warning and that she could make it home.

She said other than minor cuts and bruises, she’s OK — just shocked.

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