Tropical Storm Laura and soon to be Marco take aim at Gulf of Mexico


MIAMI (NewsNation) — Two hurricanes simultaneously in the Gulf Of Mexico are possible next week.

Tropical Storm Laura has formed in the Atlantic near the Leeward Islands. In the Caribbean Sea, Tropical Depression Fourteen is expected to be Tropical Storm Marco by Friday evening,

Tropical Storm Laura

Tropical Storm Laura will impact the northern Leeward Islands and the US & British Virgin Islands Friday night. Puerto Rico is expected to see tropical storm conditions by Saturday morning.

The system is expected to move near Hispaniola and Cuba this weekend and reach the Florida Strait by Monday. A landfall in deep south or southwest Florida will be possible on Monday.

The storm is then expected to move into the eastern Gulf of Mexico where it could make landfall as a category one hurricane on Wednesday. Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and the panhandle of Florida are included in the forecast cone.

cone graphic

Tropical Depression Fourteen

The second system, Tropical Depression Fourteen, is currently in the south-central Caribbean Sea.

Fourteen is expected to become Tropical Storm Marco by late Friday. The storm will impact Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula on Saturday before moving in the southern Gulf on Sunday afternoon.

The current forecast from the National Hurricane Center has the storm impacting either Texas or Louisiana on Tuesday.

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Sea water temperatures currently in the Gulf of Mexico are in the mid to upper 80s. The warm water will contribute to the strengthening of both systems next week.

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