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WATCH: ‘Corn Devil’ forms in freshly harvested Kansas field

TOPEKA, Kan. (WJW) — A video captured by the National Weather Service shows what they deemed to be a “Corn Devil” flying around.

Video from the NWS in Topeka, Kansas was posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, of the event, which is more commonly known as a dust devil, on Friday. 

According to the NWS, dust devils are a common wind phenomenon that form in areas of strong surface heating. They are smaller and less intense than a tornado and typically carry dust a other debris. In this case, loose cornstalks from a field.

“A neat site to see this afternoon right out of our south door here at the NWS office in Topeka!” the post said. “This is a well-developed dust devil – affectionately named a ‘corn devil’ – picking up remaining cornstalks after the field was harvested yesterday.”


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