‘The superwoman of superwomen’: Jazmin Truesdale explains what inspired her female superhero universe

Women's History Month

(NewsNation Now) — Between Marvel’s “WandaVision” and DC’s “Wonder Woman 1984,” female representation in comics is getting a major spotlight in pop culture.

Iconic female characters have existed in comic books since the earliest days, but they haven’t always gotten the same attention as their male counterparts.

Jazmin Truesdale wanted to do her part to change that with a comic book company centered entirely around female superheroes.

NewsNation spoke with Truesdale, the owner, writer, artist, and creator of Aza Comics, about what inspired her to create the women of the Aza superhero universe.

She said her desire to see more strong diverse female characters led her to the creation of the women of the Aza superhero universe so women and girls around the world can be inspired to live without limitations.

“My friends are as diverse as they come and I also speak a few different languages. And when I was thinking of the characters, I thought it would be great not just for me to have a character that looks like me, but also my friends. It would be nice for them to have something they can see themselves in and I just kinda created these girls as the sisterhood of awesomeness.”

Jazmin Truesdale

Some of her characters are even inspired by real-life role models like Janet Jackson.

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