China’s ‘white sheet protest’ threatens global supply chain

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(NewsNation) — Growing unrest in China is drawing concerns for American homes and businesses as the global supply chain becomes more fragile. 

In a rare widespread dissent, Chinese citizens have adopted blank white sheets of paper as a symbol of silent protest against the continued zero-COVID policies in the country. Blank sheets have flooded social media as well as the streets as the tactic manages to evade censorship and arrest. 

This so-called “white sheet protest” has spread open criticism of President Xi Jinping beyond Beijing and Shanghai as many allegedly remain under strict lockdown, sometimes without reliable access to food or medical supplies. 

“The extraordinary situation in China is threatening the supply chain again,” said NewsNation’s Nancy Loo, explaining the fragility of the current global supply chain. 

Between China’s civil unrest and the war in Ukraine, experts anticipate supply chain issues will be widespread and dangerous for food industries. 

“People around the world, regardless of what happens in China, should be worrying about food shortages,” said author and China expert Gordon Chang on “Rush Hour.” 

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