Prince Harry and Meghan suggest media’s role in miscarriage

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This image released by Netflix shows Prince Harry, right, and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in a scene from the upcoming documentary “Harry & Meghan,” directed by Liz Garbus. (Netflix via AP)

(NewsNation) —The second half of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan’s Netflix documentary series caused shock waves when it droppedThursday.  

Along with airing their grievances against the British monarchy came the explosive disclosure that they partially blame the media for complications in Meghan’s pregnancy.

“I believe my wife suffered a miscarriage because of what the Mail did,” Harry said.

Harry was referring to the Daily Mail — the U.K. publication the couples took legal action against for publishing a private letter from Meghan to her dad, Thomas Markle.

Harry said that while he can’t say for certain what caused the miscarriage, the stress and timing leads him to believe it was the press.

The scandal led to negative stories across the front page, some of which Harry accuses his brother, Prince William, of leaking. Harry has previously implied his father, King Charles, did the same to his mother, Princess Diana.

“William and I both saw what happened in our dad’s office and we made an agreement that we would never let that happen to our office,” Harry said in the documentary. “I would far rather get destroyed in the press than play along with this game or business of trading, and to see my brother’s office doing the same thing that we promised the two of us would never, ever do, that was heartbreaking.”

The rift between the royal siblings did not end there. Harry went on to discuss a tense confrontation between himself and William.

“It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me, and my father say things that just simply weren’t true, and my grandmother quietly sit there and take it all in,” Harry said.

Rob Shuter, the author of the gossip column “Naughty But Nice,” joined NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” Thursday to discuss the documentary. According to Shuter, the state of Harry and William’s relationship was the most explosive revelation of all.

“These brothers are in a really bad place. I’m not sure they’ll ever be able to make up. That, to me, was the most shocking moment — that Harry went there, maybe for the first time ever. He pointed fingers, he came with receipts, and those fingers and receipts were all pointed at his brother,” Shuter said.

While the couple’s admissions of struggling with the royal power system and mental health are warranted, Shuter said, the general public sees them as wealthy and privileged individuals.

Shuter added that he feels the documentary probably will not change public perception of them much.

“If you watched this and you adored Harry and Meghan, I think you’re going to come out it adoring them. If you went into this and you’re not a fan of the couple, then this probably isn’t going to change your opinion,” he said.

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