H.R. McMaster explains why a two state solution isn’t possible currently in the Middle East

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — General H.R. McMaster believes that a two-state solution isn’t possible for Israel and Palestine at this time, but that doesn’t mean the U.S. shouldn’t remain heavily invested in working towards peace in the region.

Israel and Hamas announced a cease-fire would go into effect at 2 a.m. Friday, ending an 11-day war that caused widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip, and brought life in much of Israel to a halt. It was the latest flare-up of tensions in the region and the ceasefire did move either side closer to an overall peace deal.

H.R. McMaster served as the U.S. National Security Advisor from 2017 to 2018 under the Trump Administration. He also played significant roles in major Middle East combat wars including the Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

McMaster believes that other groups in the region are fueling violence that prevents a more lasting peace from being achieved.

Yeah, it’s not a peace that’s going to be able to be held for a long time, because Hamas is still in control and Gaza. And Hamas is still on the receiving end of support from Iran with these destructive rockets. And Hamas is an organization that is dedicated right to the destruction of Israel. But I think it’s also important to remember that they’re also the oppressors of the Palestinians, in Gaza, as well.

H.R. McMaster

When asked about the possibility of a two-state solution between Palestine and Israel, McMaster expressed major doubts.

And in terms of a two-state solution, you know, I don’t see it, Rob, because there’s nobody who can deliver it, right, who can deliver it for an agreement for the Palestinians, or for the Israelis at this point? So it’s the fragmentation of political authority in both Israel to a certain extent, but certainly, in the Palestinian territories, the weakness of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is a cause of grave and legitimate concern for Israelis. Because how can they give up their security interests in the West Bank? If there’s a risk that it could just turn into another Gaza?

H.r. Mcmaster

He added, “So I think, to answer your question, it’s not a peace agreement. It’s a ceasefire. And the prospects of a two-state solution, I think, are dwindling, and certainly not on the horizon.”

McMaster does not believe the U.S. should give up on the region though, especially for its critical importance in humanitarian and political concerns.

So I think the Trump administration tried something different. They tried to work on it from the outside in, to try to broker agreements between the Gulf states and Israel. And I think the Biden administration are trying to continue that momentum and work from the outside in, and then also try to isolate the various terrorist organizations Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic jihad in Gaza, from sources of external support, and that equals Iran. And so I think, working on the Iranian problem from the outside in, to try to reduce the capacity that these terrorist organizations have for violence.

H.R. McMaster

Israel and Palestine aren’t the only two areas of the Middle East with flaring up conflict in the last several years. Tensions have been rising in Lebanon over the last year. Syria’s civil war began during the Obama administration and has lasted through multiple presidencies.

McMaster stressed that President Joe Biden also shouldn’t forget those conflicts when trying to work towards peace in the Middle East.

“And then I think working on the problem in Lebanon. Lebanon is a state in freefall right. And to try to resolve the Syrian civil war and the cycle. There’s a cycle of sectarian violence,” said McMaster.

McMaster also commented in the interview on the state of Cybersecurity, the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and other national security topics

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